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Biogas Manuals

SKG Sangha is already running biogas extension programmes in Egypt and Mali, although these programmes were started before Foundation SKG Sangha could be registered.

The programme in Egypt is funded by UNDP and they wanted manuals to assist local extension workers and biogas plant users with the technology.

Copies of these manuals are available below. They were written by Kiran Kumar Kudaravalli, although they have been edited to improve the English.

There is also a sequence of photographs that show how a biogas plant is built to the Deenbandhu design.

Construction drawings for a Deenbandhu plant are in PDF files and can be viewed either by downloading the files or by using an add-in PDF viewer in the browser.

The 3D PDF files may need to be downloaded to be viewed in 3D, as many PDF viewers linked with browsers cannot show 3D views.

The drawings are of a new design of Deenbandhu plant, which uses a dome shape cover for the reservoir pit.

More information is available in “Small-scale rural biogas plants” (Jan 2015)