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Report to Charities Commission for 2012

The main activity in 2012 was setting up the Charity and getting it registered with the UK Charity Commission. An official report was submitted on-line to the UK Charity Commission. Information on the charity can be found on the Charity Commission web site under the charity number 1147705.  

Most of the donations for the charity were from the Trustees themselves. In order to register as a charity, we needed a minimum of £5,000 in the bank account.

In 2012, an external charitable donation was received from Turquoise International.

In 2012, SKG Sangha, the Indian group with which Foundation SKG Sangha are closely linked were very busy with international biogas projects, in particular, a project in Egypt. Since the agreement was signed with UNDP before Foundation SKG Sangha was registered, it is being run as a separate project and not under the umbrella of the Foundation. However, this project is providing a useful experience of how to run a biogas extension project in a country outside of India, in a different cultural environment.

The Trustees of Foundation SKG Sangha are looking at various places in which biogas and other renewable energy extension projects could be supported, such as Mali and Haiti.