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Charitable Activities

Foundation SKG Sangha aims to encourage the use of small-scale renewable energy technologies and other approaches to improve and make more sustainable the life-styles of poorer sections of the community in various countries across the world.

We work with local companies, NGOs, communities, governmental projects and other organisations to enable the start up of new projects to install renewable energy technologies and support other initiatives, as well as encouraging the development of existing projects.

We also offer training courses and advice to people interested in starting up their own renewable energy projects.

We aim to create a network through membership of the charity, through which we will encourage the sharing of resources, research findings, training opportunities and ideas between members (similar to the network created by the Ashden Awards, which is part of the Sainsbury Foundation, which gives awards to the best renewable energy projects in the world).

Examples of renewable energy technologies include biogas systems to process agricultural and food residues to make gas that can be used for cooking or fuelling electric generator sets, as well as good quality compost that can be used to improve the production of vegetables and other crops.

Other technologies will include improved wood stoves, wood gasification technologies, micro-hydro systems and solar pv and heating systems that provide electricity, provision of water pumping, improved agricultural production and processing and a range of other such benefits, which will be owned and used by local people.

A proportion of the funds received by the charity will be used to cover the charities costs and other services, such as training, that support existing and new projects. The remainder of the funds will be channelled into the projects to further the charitable aims of Foundation SKG Sangha.

We also aim to fund raise in other ways to generate the income required for the charity's work.