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Links of Foundation SKG Sangha

Foundation SKG Sangha was set up by SKG Sangha, an NGO in India, which builds biogas plants for individual small farmers. They have several projects in communities in South India, such as around Hassan, which is North-West of Bangalore and around Kolar, which is East of Banglaore. At mid-2012, they had installed over 100,000 biogas plants.

In 2010, SKG Sangha were asked to build 21 biogas plants in Machakos, Kenya by CMS Africa and the Machakos Diocese of the Anglican Church. The project was visited by the Archbishop of Canterbury. This project needs to be part of a much larger biogas extension programme to extend the benefits, which was the reason for the formation of the Foundation. There are many more such opportunities in other parts of East Africa, such as Uganda and Southern Sudan, in West Africa, in Latin Amercia and the Caribbean.

In 2012, SKG Sangha started a similar project in Egypt, building biogas plants for small farmers, funded by UNDP. By mid 2013, 102 plants have been built for small farmers in the Governorates of Asyut and Faiyum, using cattle dung to generate biogas for cooking and improved compost      

In the field of biogas, SKG Sangha are also making plants for generating gas and compost from agricultural and food processing residues. The slurry from many of their biogas plants is used to make a good quality compost, which is further improved by vermi-composting. A new project for processing food waste from a large institution is under development.

Other renewable energy technologies in which they are involved are improved cook stoves (ICS) and using solar energy for electricity via pv, and water heating and cooking. They are also involved in rain water harvesting.

Consulting support for biogas and other renewable energy projects is available from Kingdom Bioenergy Ltd. The director was involved in teaching on an MSc course on renewable energy for many years. He gained experience as part of a team that set up the national biogas programme in Nepal. Consulting contracts include project assessment for Ashden (each year between 2004 and the present) and an evaluation for the SNV biogas programme in Nepal and Asia in 2012.