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Other Public Benefit issues:

2. We are aware of the following possible detriments or harms that might arise from     carrying out our aims:

(a) local energy and agricultural projects will challenge existing agricultural and      energy markets in the countries in which they are established;

(b) there are issues of diverting local resources from food production to energy      use (to address this issue, as far as possible, resources used are those which      normally go to waste); and

(c) if people in poor communities are more self-sufficient, the labour pool may be      reduced in some areas, increasing the cost of labour.

3. Our organisation's aims intend to benefit the environment and people in poorer     sections of communities around the world (in particular in the developing world). The     direct beneficiaries will be those setting up or already running renewable energy     projects and other types of rural development projects in many countries around the     world. These projects will, in turn, benefit local people who will benefit from using     local resources to improve their life-styles. The saving in the use of fossil fuels and     the reduction in the amount of fossil carbon released into the atmosphere will     benefit the environment. The better management of agricultural production and     processing, and of other local resources, such as water, will benefit local people in     local environments as well a the wider population and the global environment.

4. The benefit is not restricted to a section of the public. However, the people setting     up or already running renewable energy projects will be selected against criteria that     will be designed to assess whether the proposed or existing project will work with     local people to use local resources to provide energy, improve lifestyles and improve     management of agriculture and local resources.

5. No-one receives any private benefits from our organisation, other than as a     beneficiary.

Other information on Public Benefits are listed on the previous page.